Sunday, March 06, 2011

Cooking with Ryan: Macaroni, ham and egg bake

It was like breakfast, except for dinner! My favorite part of this concoction was that there was nothing that I needed to go to the store for. I made a few changes to the recipe to make it work, using egg noodles instead of macaroni and Romano cheese instead of Parmesan, but it all turned out quite well.
I had tried to bake this dish several months ago, and there were problems with it, most notable that my baking dish was too large. I used a smaller one instead this time, and the egg/milk mix actually filled some of the dish, rather than just giving the noodles a bath. It also helped that I was able ti whisk everything this time when I didn't have a whisk last time. You are only as good as the tools you have to work with, so they say, and I am beginning to believe that old adage.
The Romano cheese was leftover from my last conquest, Bolognese sauce (my third time making it, didn't require a post in my opinion) and it provided a distinct pungency that made it seem more like a fancy Italian dish rather than a small town casserole. The taste wasn't very different, but I feel like I totally made things more sophisticated with the cheese.
I took a picture of it, but am on my way to my dear grandmother's birthday party. I will upload said picture when I get back.



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