Saturday, March 05, 2011


I have a new website that I am obsessed with. You all may be aware of my obsession with animals, and I was provided with a link to a page put together by the Smithsonian. It is a compilation of images from various motion sensor cameras from around the world, with over 200 thousand animal pictures on it. Absolutely fabulous. Here is the link:
For the time being, however, I was going to present a fantastic picture:
You have the monkey eying something with some sort of shock or horror in the foreground, but the thing that kills me is the monkey in the back, suspiciously eying the foreground monkey, rapturously staring off at whatever it is just off screen. This is an image that desperately needs to be photoshopped. I wish I had the skills.
Oh, and technically, it isn't a monkey, it is a macaque which sort of makes it funnier.



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