Saturday, March 05, 2011

It would be funny were it not so predictable

There is a joke about the Twins and Ron Gardenhire's roster management that friends of mine make whenever we are talking about Gardy and his assemblage of a lineup card. The joke is that no matter who plays second base, they will bat second in the lineup. last year, when Orlando Hudson was out of the lineup, it didn't matter if it was Nick Punto, Matt Tolbert or someone equally terrible with the bat, they always seemed to find their way to the 2 hole. That takes me to the past two days, wherein Joe Christensen has filed these reports:
"Gardy Says Nishioka will play second base"
Naturally, that was preceded by this:
"Gardenhire envisions Nishioka in no. 2 hole"

Perhaps we should move Mauer to second, so he can bat 2nd. You know, where he belongs.

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