Thursday, March 03, 2011

Doomsday is HERE!

The NFL CBA expires at midnight. The Lockout is here. Oh, work is still being done at the negotiating table, but according to most with more knowledge than me, the CBA will expire, and it will be a Lockout.
If you talked to me a few days ago, I would have said there is almost no chance that there was a season in 2011. The owners still had 4 billion in revenue from TV deals coming their way, and they didn't have to distribute it to the players. That money is no longer coming their way, and I now feel that the owners will come to the table with a more genuine willingness to negotiate.
Still, what happens if the season DOES get canceled?
- You see your family on weekends. Perhaps some fall foliage is in your future?
- Brett Favre smiles smugly that without him, football cannot go on.
- College football programs which traditionally do not do well when sharing a major city with an NFL franchise suddenly have better gate and more attention. Think Minnesota, Washington and Georgia Tech.
- Soccer, the only major weekly sport makes brief inroads in the US for once. But the EPL, because MLS sucks.
- Mark Schlereth and Merril Hoge discuss corporate law!
- Bud Light's ad budget goes way, way down.
- Minnesotans will find that people from Wisconsin are really quite pleasant and have great ideas about frying food.
- Rex Ryan will still be on ESPN every day.
- Without fantasy football to be discussed and analyzed and tinkered with, workplace productivity will be increased, and the economy will be turned around.

I for one would be interested in seeing some other sports, hockey, college basketball, etc get a little more publicity without football. It would be good, eventually, for the NFL, knowing that they need to keep putting out a good product if other sports increase their popularity. We'll see what happens.

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