Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In response to some of my fans

On my way into work, I ran into one of my coworkers who was mentioning that he was a fan of Syracuse. I asked him in a jocular fashion how they kept getting so many scrappy, trashy looking white guys for their team. He said in response, "Have you ever BEEN to that part of New York?" Good stuff.
Anyways, I wrote something on Eric Devendorf the other day. In my opinion, Devendorf is a white trash douchebag. As seems to be the case whenever I write something about my disdain for something, be it Oregon uniforms or overhyped, overinked basketball players, I got a few spiteful comments.
First, let me address the fact that I didn't "do my research" as one commenor said. I'm aware that Devendorf's cronies and his coach who needed him to excel claimed that this was all a big misunderstanding, that whole "hitting a woman" thing. Fine, he's exonerated. Actually, you know what, another college athlete getting away with something upsets me even more. That wasn't the point of the post, however. The point was that I don't like Eric Devendorf. If you would like me to check with my sources on that one, let me do so. Hang on, don't go anywhere.
Yep, still don't like him.
And the argument that he is a loving father? He's 21 years old and still in college. That means that he was probably 19/20 when the kid was born. Is that supposed to show how responsible he is? The dumbest of athletes know to keep it wrapped. White trash everywhere thinks they have some sort of Super Sperm. You can't tell me that this didn't go through Devendorf's head.
In conclusion, for every one of Devo's fans that decided to tell me how ill-informed I am, what trash I am, I say this. In sports, do you love every one of your opponents? I doubt it. I bet you hypocrites talk bad about Hasheem Thabeet or Luke Harangody every opportunity you get. I'm going to keep reminding people that Devendorf leaves every game in a dual exhaust pick up truck wearing a Metallica t-shirt with its sleeves ripped off to chew tobacco for three hours.



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