Monday, March 23, 2009

Holy crap, baseball season.

First, let me just say that Steve and I will not be doing a division by division preview this year like we have in previous seasons because that takes a long time and I'm not sure how much people actually read them. But mostly they are so long.
Second, the WBC finals are set! It's going to be Korea and Japan. So, you know, all that drama about the Netherlands, or following all those teams chock full of players we all know and love? Eh, not so much. But maybe they ARE pretty good at baseball over in East Asia.
Thirdly, you know it's baseball season when you have your first fantasy draft of the year. This year, I made sure to start drafting pitchers a little earlier. Jake Peavey, Daisuke Matsuzaka, John Lackey. I made sure to get speed categories filled up decently in speed categories, so as to get those extra base hits and stolen bases. I think I'll be all right this year, but that usually means I'm in for a horrible failure. In the meantime, I have one question. Does anyone know anything about Pablo Sandoval? I drafted him, and he doesn't even have a picture.



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