Monday, March 23, 2009

Now that Mauer is hurt, do the Twins even have a catcher?

Remember 2004? Joe Mauer tweaked his knee and was out for most of the season. We plugged Henry Blanco in the starting catcher's role. We had Matt Lecroy in the backup role. Blanco, of course, hit .204 and Lecroy's defense, at best, was objectionable. Still this worked. Somehow. Well, entirely because of the pitching, and the fact that Blanco's defense was impeccable, he could hit an occasional homer and Lecroy was a very amusing person to have on your baseball team.
Now with Mauer hurt again for an indeterminate amount of time, the Twins have a question mark at the backstop. They have Mike Redmond, who is always good for quality at bats, working pitch counts and even hitting for an average around .300. Better still, he is excellent behind the plate. Of course, I believe Redmond is 56 years old, which means he can't play more than once a month. Who else do the Twins have to plug in? On the active roster, there are two catchers that aren't Redmond or Mauer.
Drew Butera:
PROS: The son of a former Twin
CONS: The son of Sal Butera

Jose Morales:
PROS: Has major league experience! In one game, went 3/3 with double. Has yet to record an out in his entire major league career.
CONS: How will he take it if he ever gets called out? Also, "Jose Morales" sounds a little too generic to be a real name.

In short, it's a good thing we got Crede!



Blogger Beth said...

Sal Butera has a World Series ring. That's more than a lot of former Twins can say.

Of course, even I can admit that the 1987 Twins, on paper, should not have won the World Series.

8:24 AM  

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