Friday, February 10, 2012

Other Viking's Stadium Sites

New Minnesota Vikings sites keep coming up, despite there being some sort of deadline for new contributions or the selection of a site. First it was Shakopee (though that came at the deadline) then it was right next to the Metrodome, and now, today a state senator proposed putting a stadium in Duluth.I sort of thought this was a joke at first, but apparently with the way some pundits are responding, maybe it was a legitimate proposal. After all, Green Bay is two hours away from Madison and Milwaukee. With that in mind, here are 5 sites that I think could work. And no, I will not say Los Angeles, because I am being totally serious.

- Saint Paul: There are so many proposals for Minneapolis and Ramsey County, why can't St. Paul get any traction? I mean, they have a lot of government owned land in St. Paul, with connecting freeways. Just move the capital to St. Peter, where it is supposed to be anyways. Lots of space, still in the Twin Cities. I see no problems, actually.

- Saint Peter: Just to mess with Saint Paul. But really, Saint Peter is right next to the training camp site of Mankato, and the city could really use a bump after a devastating tornado... 15 years ago.

- Baxter: Sure, it's the little twin to Brainerd, but Baxter is more of the developing community of the two. Putting a stadium in the Brainerd Lakes area would make an already enjoyable vacation destination THE place to go in the fall and winter, as well as in the summer.

- Litchfield: My grandparents used to live in Richmond, and driving north to visit them we would pass through places like Hutchinson and Litchfield, and driving through Litchfield, my prevailing thought was always "Why don't they put something here. It's so empty" Boom. Stadium.

- Hudson: Now, I know Hudson is in Wisconsin, but hear me out. The New York Giants, the last Super Bowl Champion, actually plays in New Jersey. Why couldn't the Minnesota Vikings play in Wisconsin? And hey, the Super Bowl Champion from the season before was also from Wisconsin. Those are some good vibes for the Vikings, right? And the best news is, it would be in Wisconsin, so no Minnesota taxpayer money!



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