Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A list of the Chopped stock characters

Other than the host, Ted Allen, Chopped on the Food Network has a stable of stock characters that I thought I might run through for you, in the event you are looking forward to a competitive cooking show to occupy your time now that the football season is over.
- Arrogant judge
- Female judge
- Ethnic judge
- Excessively snooty judge
(Sometimes these can be combined: Example, Alex Guarnaschelli is both female and excessively snooty)
- Tattoo guy
- Ethnic guy
- European ethnic guy
- Greasy hippie guy
- Vegan
- Person with allergies
- Matronly woman
- Petite girl with short hair and hipster glasses
- Ethnic girl
- Brassy girl
- Formerly impoverished person
- Formerly on drugs (Usually also tattoo guy, unless those drugs were for cancer treatment)
- Token normal dude.

This encompasses roughly 90% of the people you see on Chopped. The other 10% are always surprise guest stars, like "Overtly religious dude" and "Guy with a hat".

And now you can enjoy Chopped like I do.

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