Thursday, February 09, 2012

Cooking with Ryan: Eclairs

Yeah, OK, a couple of things. First, I decided not to fill them, because filled pastry grosses me the hell out. Second, the original recipe was for "mini" eclairs. As with everything, I don't have the delicate touch to make anything mini. Thirdly, everything else went wrong too.
First, my milk and butter combo boiled over. Then, my homemade pastry bag, since it didn't do a good job regulating flow out of said bag, made for messy, pretty much full sized eclairs, rather than the mini ones I was shooting for (and a hell of a mess). Next, despite doing nothing wrong according to the directions, the eclairs started to burn a full 10 minutes before they were supposed to be done. Last and not least, when I made the chocolate sauce on top, I opened the cocoa powder, only to have it explode all over me. All in all, a disaster.
They ended up looking terrible, so I didn't take a picture, however they tasted... all right. Croissantlike, but not really like pastry. Oh well, I'll eat them all.



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