Sunday, February 05, 2012

Things to look forward to tonight

The Super Bowl, of course, is one of the biggest sporting events in the year, and everyone looks forward to watching it. Or that's the impression I get. Somehow it seems that every year, there are overwhelming complaints. Perhaps it's just the world we live in, but it's either "the pregame commentators are bad" or "The game sucked" or "the half time show was terrible" or "the commercials weren't funny".OK, you whiners, here are some things you can look forward to during the game.

- Kickoff. No matter how bad the game might be, or how the nerves might play a role in some terrible football, the opening kick off, with all the flashbulbs gives me chills every time.

- The lights and guest stars of half time. Oh, you thought the half time show was about music? No, it's about flashing lights and people that you recognize. Who cares if the music sucks, look at the stage and is that Usher?

- Commentators having fun. All the analysts are in their last job of the season. They aren't even there for half time. You had better believe they have a case of senioritis. And maybe a case of beer.

- The commercials are still good. They have good production value, and there isn't much time spent on 3 Menards ads every commercial break like there is during, say, a Twins game. These commercials are new and fresh and generally wonderful, even if they don't get a chuckle every time.

So, go out there and enjoy it. If't not going to be perfect, because nothing ever is. It's still going to be fun, and you are going to be able to eat a lot of gross food you otherwise wouldn't. 



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