Tuesday, November 08, 2011

An update on Juan Berenguer

Juan Berenguer won a World series as a relief pitcher with the Twins in 1987. In 1991, he had gone to Atlanta, and ended up on the team playing the Twins in the World Series, though Berenguer didn't play. Needless to say, Senor Smoke as they called him, was a major influence during the Twins glory days.
As luck would have it, I ran into him yesterday. I was in the market for a new automobile, and the second stop was at a Ford dealership. I pulled into the lot, and a heavily accented man came bounding down an embankment to greet me. He tried to put me into a Ford Fusion. I had a test drive with the man, and generally liked the vehicle. We laughed and joked about cars. We went back to the dealership and he ran some paperwork for me. While sitting alone in the office I noticed a team picture of the 1987 Twins. There was a baseball, another placque. I turned, and sure enough, the name on the door was "Juan Berenguer". Juan Berenguer was trying to sell me a Ford Fusion.
 When it came to financing, however, it turned out they weren't really interested in giving me market value for my car, so I eventually went in a different direction. Still, Juan gave me a cal and left a message on my voicemail  asking if I was going to be interested in the Fusion. Only time a World Series champ has ever called me.
So anyways, Juan Berenguer sells used cars.



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