Saturday, November 05, 2011

Cuddyer is probably not coming back

The Twins may not have relief pitcher Michael Cuddyer next season. Jim Thome has signed with the Phillies, and there are some that are speculating that Thome might be instrumental in convincing Cuddyer to head to Philadelphia, since the two are buddies. It also helps that the Phillies are actually good, and can offer Cuddyer a tremendous amount of money.
Also, Darren Wolfson has been tweeting all morning that the Red Sox were prepared to part with Jed Lowrie and more for Cuddyer. Obviously, this means Boston will be in deep on Cuddyer. I have to believe this prices the Twins out of contention for Cuddy to return.
Also, why in the fk didn't they trade him in July, like I pleaded with them to do?

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