Monday, November 07, 2011

So much for that active offseason

The Twins have made their first, and probably last move of the offseason. Yes, last season was a train wreck, but so is the continued Twins decision making process. Today, the team let go of Bill Smith and renamed Terry Ryan to the role. Fan-freakin-tastic.
I will be the first ti admit, I LOVED the first year of Bill Smith. He actually did something. I was happy to see Terry Ryan go, after years of utter refusal to go for it, trading prospects for skill players that definitely would have helped. But really, it's a good thing the team held on to Kevin Slowey. Bill Smith in his later years as the GM was almost entirely the opposite. This year, when long time Twins absolutely should have been moved. Smith refused to give in. 
Terry Ryan's philosophy probably worked best when the team was becoming a threat in the American League again. Smith put together the best Twins team (in my opinion) in almost 20 years in 2010 because he was so aggressive in "going for it". Both have their strengths. Both have their frustrating, glaring weaknesses. Neither are good fits for this iteration of the Twins.
The real winner is the Timberwolves, because now baseball fans in Minnesota will have almost no news to keep abreast of and can watch all the NBA they want.

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