Monday, November 07, 2011

Links of the Day 11/6/11

Good evening. I hope you enjoyed football today.

Penn State is in a lot of trouble. 

Hey, my high school won the state soccer tournament. Go Red Knights!

Here are your latest Michael Cuddyer rumors.

Chelsea 1, Blackburn 0 - The Rovers faithful actually flew a plane with a banner demanding the ouster of manager Steve Kean. That's moxie.
Michigan State 31, Minnesota 24 - Instead of playing up the inevitable Sparty implosion, let's just call this Minnesota being scrappy.
TCU 31, Wyoming 20 - Along that same thread, Wyoming was also scrappy.
NDSU 27, Indiana State 16 - So, so scrappy.
Wisconsing 62, Purdue 17 - Not scrappy in the least. David Eckstein would catch pneumonia if he came near Purdue.
Minnesota 2, St. Louis 1 - The Blues fired their coach after this one. So, there's that.
Atlanta 31, Indianapolis 7 - The real joke is that I benched Julio Jones in my fantasy league.
San Francsico 19, Washington 11 - This is a real score?



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