Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Ryan Doumit signing

First off, there is something vastly unsettling about Doumit's face. Is it the steely black eyes? The change in skin tone around said eyes? I feel like there must be better pictures of Doumit, far less unsettling pictures out there.
Nope.  Still no. Yeah, I don't think there are.

Anyways, some thoughts on signing Doumit.
1) I like the idea of a low cost switch hitting bat. He will probably see more playing time (assuming he is healthy) than he ever did in Pittsburgh, and if he hits from the right side, could certainly get up to 20 home runs. Assuming again, he gets in the lineup.
2) If the Twins are bad this year, Doumit will be traded at some point this season. Even though it's a stopgap solution, Doumit IS a component for the future.
3) It is really frightening and more than a little sad how excited the fans have been about signing a back up catcher. How far has the team fallen, that Ryan Doumit is a big deal? And I have seen a lot of people expressing their excitement because this may mean the demise of Drew Butera. I would be willing to bet 14 dollars that Butera breaks camp with the team. He is a defensive catcher, and Doumit is a liability. And Doumit and Joe Mauer are both injury prone. The team will go with three catchers. Especially since Doumit will DH.
4) The team must be absolutely devoid of prospects for Terry Ryan to hit the free agency market this early and this often. I have decreasing faith that the team will have much come up from the minor leagues in the next couple of years.
5) The Twins still have, like, a ton of holes.

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