Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Links of the Day 11/15/11

Good morning, I hope you are enjoying the basketball being shown all day on ESPN. Either that or at work fixing the economy. Me? Basketball.

The Twins may be the only team that will take a look at Matt Capps. That's fine, if he is paid less than last year.

If I ever see you with one of these, I will burn down your house. Fair warning.

The NBA lockout continues. 

Purdue 67, High Point 65 - The Boilermakers had a bit more of a test for High Point than Northern Illinois. I suspect the Boilers were a wee bit overconfident
Missouri 81, Mercer 63 - Mercer was put away early by Missouri, but were much more competitive in the 2nd half.
Minnesota 71, South Dakota State 55 - The Gophers won by 16, and yet, somehow, Minnesota fans are calling for Tubby Smith's head. Unreal.
Green Bay 45, Minnesota 7 - Now see, this is the way to get thumped and then call for changes to the coaching staff.



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