Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cooking with Ryan; Naan with Raita

Be honest. You have no idea what I just said. Naan is an Indian flat bread, with a yogurt base. The idea is to bake it hot so the outside crisps up and the inside remains pliant and mushy (in a good way). Mission accomplished! It turned out like a flattened croissant, actually. Well, it did in flavor, anyways, if not entirely in texture. Before it baked, it seemed more like pizza dough, but really sticky. Also, I have a rolling pin, and was able to use it. You know, so that's cool.
The raita was basically cucumbers in yogurt, and is typically used as a palate cleanser with spicier food. I meant to get some curry or something, but forgot. Oh well. The raita, for me, was less successful. There was mint in it, and that got to be a little overpowering. Still, the naan was the real test of skill, and I pulled that off rather successfully.



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