Sunday, November 13, 2011

Links of the Day 11/12/11

What are you crazy cats still doing up?

Wilson Ramos was rescued safely in Venezuela. Thank God. 

Future Mrs. Jason Pridie. What?! I mean... WHAT?!

John Daly lost his mind on the course the other day. I mean, again.

Purdue 26, Ohio State 23 - Oh... wow. I barely believe this.
Wyoming 25, Air Force 17 - Wyoming is going to a bowl game! For kids from Wyoming, any bowl, anywhere is going to be a real treat.
Wisconsin 42, Minnesota 13 - I wonder why the Badgers eased off on the gas?
Youngstown State 27, North Dakota State 24 - The Bison suffer a backbreaking loss. Ouch. First of the year.
Mercer 66, Emory 57 - The team I will be following, and generally know nothing about won their season opener against a tiny, but somehow division one school.
North Dakota State 78, Louisiana Lafayette 58 - The Bison are playing in some sort of tournament in San Francisco, I found out. The more you know.
Los Angeles 5, Minnesota 2 - The Kings looked like a real NHL team. The Wild looked like a disaster



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