Saturday, November 12, 2011

Links of the Day 11/11/11


The top 15 prospects in the Minnesota Twins farm system. Many are saying Brian Dozier is the SS of the future... he is not on the list.

Awwww armadillo playing football.

The worst bunts of the season. Just barely missing the cut were "all the other bunts"

San Jose 3, Minnesota 1 - So, why couldn't the Wild beat the Sharks, until the Sharks became the Wild and vice versa?
Purdue 96, Northern Illinois 34 - HOLY CRAP COLLEGE BASKETBALL! Did anyone tell Northern Illinois?
Kansas 100, Towson 54 - At least Towson didn't get doubled up.
Minnesota 70, Bucknell 58 - Good week for all the Victoria Times Teams.
North Dakota State 73, San Francisco 65 - Clean sweep!



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