Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Once again, the Victoria Times staff has the best solution

We've been running our Victoria Times college football simulation for 3 years, and this will be the fourth. With conference realignment running rampant, it's still not any more likely that the BCS will be scrapped for a tournament.
But that's not why I came. One of the issues I have always had with tournaments was the assertion that there would be wild card or at large bids.How can you win a national title if you can't even win your conference? Or division?
This came to a head two years ago when the Big 12 South was hotly contested by Texas, Oklahoma and Texas Tech. As luck would have it, though, all three were in different Victoria Times conferences, and all were eligible for the post season tournament, if they won their respective conferences, proving once again that ours is the best solution. Of course, that year TCU, Missouri and BYU won the VT conferences. Oops.
We are in a similar situation this year. Alabama and LSU are 1-2 in the BCS and are thus far tied in the SEC west. Now, it doesn't seem very likely that the two teams would have a chance to both play the national championship game, even though they might be the top teams in the land. Fortunately, once again, we have the chance to put two elite teams from the same division in the VT tournament. Alabama and LSU are in the Dixie and Gulf Coast conferences, respectively. Of course, if this goes the same way it did last time we had this situation, Louisiana Tech and Auburn will make it to the tournament.
Stay tuned for December when we run the simulation to find out what happens! Stanford is the defending champ.



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