Saturday, October 22, 2011

Watch out, random C-USA team!

Because Purdue is COMING! The Boilers won today against Illinois at home for homecoming. This leaves the team 4-3, which means they are a mere 2 games from bowl eligibility. Let's take a look at the remainder of the schedule and see if they can get there. (And this is why bowls are still good... it makes fans of mediocre teams have something to strive for)
Here are the remaining games on the schedule, and my percentage chances for winning those games.

10/29: @ Michigan - 17%. I don't like Purdue's chances to reign in Denard Robinson, or to keep it together in Ann Arbor.

11/5 @ Wisconsin - 3.6 % Wisconsin is really, really good.

11/12 Ohio State - 43 % I think the Buckeyes are beatable, so long as the Boilermakers have a shred of dignity left after their game in Madison.

11/19 Iowa - 62% Iowa is supposed to be our cross conference rival, so obviously this is a HUGE deal. This would be a 50-50 contest on a neutral field. Playing in West Lafayette gives Purdue an extra 12% chance.

11/26 @ Indiana - 83% This would be in the 90s if the game was in West Lafayette, but really and truly, Indiana is very bad. Almost Minnesota bad.

So, yes, if every game goes as expected, Purdue WILL become bowl eligible. Checking the bowl affiliations, this could mean a trip to Dallas for the TicketCity Bowl! NICE



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