Monday, October 24, 2011

The Colts might have to make a tough decision

I have been in staunch opposition to drafting Andrew Luck. If nothing else, because the Colts are terrible everywhere, as they demonstrated last night. (62-7!) If anything, they should trade the first pick in the draft for more picks and fill MORE holes, like the offensive line, wide receiver, running back or any position on defense.You know, the entire team. Trading out of the first pick would likely reap a bounty that  could be used to develop a lot of players going forward. Seems like a pretty decent draft to do that with.
Of course, now Tony Dungy brings up another idea. Maybe the Colts should trade Peyton Manning. I actually like this thinking, even thought it seems completely implausible. Manning would also bring a slew of picks, as well as, perhaps, other compensation. If you can extricate yourself from the emotional impact of a move like this, it does make a certain bit of sense going forward. You have a sure fire quarterback prospect fro the next 10-15 years instead of three or four. But of course, you would also have to gradually build a team around him, a la Manning of the early 2000s, rather than inserting him into a ready made team, if you were to keep Manning and rebuild the team under his guidance.
I think either way would work. Regardless, the Colts should add a quarterback in the draft in the early rounds with an eye for the future. There are one of two ways to do it. Either keep Manning and trade their early pick for more picks, or keep their early pick and trade Manning. Whatever happens, they will end up with Manning or Luck, but certainly not both.

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