Sunday, October 02, 2011

The joy of following English sporting events

I have lauded the ESPN All Sports ticker in the past, and I will continue to do so. One of the quirks that I find appealing is how EPL or Champions League matches are covered. For the NFL, college basketball, other soccer leagues and really every other event in the world, it's extraordinarily dry. Sanchez completes a 16 yard pass to Holmes. Jackson makes a 2 point Dunk Shot. Etc. Pretty dry. Some games they just update the score at the half.
Not in the EPL. They really give you the whole story. They want you to feel like you are at the game. Really, it's the difference between American and English announcers, and if you watched the World Cup, you know there is a difference. That all said, I was following all the matches this morning, and was treated to this nugget from the contest between Chelsea and Bolton:

  • 6' David Ngog with a wild driver from the edge of the penalty area which is horribly wide. To make matters worse, Ngog's foot then catches Terry square in the nether regions. An eye-watering experience for all who saw.

Splendid.No wonder the Blues felt compelled to win 5-1.

Oh look, video!

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