Sunday, October 02, 2011

Links of the Day 10/2/11

I hope you are enjoying your football. I worked at 6 this morning. Don't ever do that.

Steve insists I post this link regarding the Miami Marlins new logo. I will not turn down a new father.

Fantastic play in Game #1 of the Rays-Rangers series, or as I like to call it... the "Rayngers"

This (among other reasons) is why the Jaguars are terrible.

Manchester City 4, Blackburn 0 - This match was tied at intermission. City is good.
Michigan 58, Minnesota 0 - That's... that's really bad. I regret ever even considering that Minnesota might not be bad this year.
North Dakota State 20, Illinois State - Nice to see that the Bison got a challenge.
Notre Dame 38, Purdue 10 - Purdue vs Minnesota is going to be such an awful game.
Chicago 34, Carolina 29 - The problem in this one was that Cam Newton threw one of his touchdowns to the wrong team.
Kansas City 22, Minnesota 17 - Poor Christian Ponder. Just because everyone else on his team sucks, he will be immediately relegated to the bench behind Andrew Luck
San Francisco 24, Philadelphia 23 - Wait, what?



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