Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jim Pohlad hasn't been paying attention

In yesterday's paper, the Star Tribune had a Q&A with Twins owner Jim Pohlad. The headline quote was that the Twins were not a "knee jerk organization" (unless it involves players of non-white ethnicities that are slow to develop, or slumping, of course, then they are totally knee-jerk. I digress).

Anyways, he said the following (among other things) that were just... irksome.

We're very pleased with the job that Ron has done.

Great. Were you excited that he lead a team to almost 100 lossess with a good shot to get there tonight, or the fact that he can't win in the postseason? Which part made you happier?

Do you plan on bringing [Bill Smith] back next year as GM, then?
Yes. ... He's been involved with this organization for a long time. Do we throw out the last, what's the number, 15 years and forget all that over one season? I mean it's been, really, an unusual season. ... Our organization isn't a knee-jerk- reaction organization.
One season? The fact that the Twins have made at least 4 major trades in the time that Bill Smith has been in charge that the Twins ended up on the losing end of, the fact that the minor league system is bereft of talent, and the fact that the salary is tied up in two players next season with a supporting cast that is downright abysmal? That sounds like a history of failure. It's like giving credit to Gardenhire for the work that Tom Kelly did. The Twins were good last year because of Terry Ryan's work, frustrating though it was.

That said, the interview was mostly reassuring. The Twins want to win. Joe Mauer has no long term damage. There is no plan for a reduction in payroll, which means that a few wise investments next season could lead to some immediate results. Does anyone trust the wisdom of the Twins, anymore though?

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