Saturday, October 01, 2011

Today is the Notre Dame game

Purdue is playing at home against Notre Dame this evening. No matter the result, public opinion for Purdue will be "who the hell is Purdue?" Public opinion for Notre Dame among smart people are "ugh, Notre Dame" and "NOTRE DAME IS A BCS CONTENDER" among stupid people. What I am trying to say is, at the college level, Notre Dame is a little overinflated.
Anyways, with that said, Purdue fans and grads know that we can be proud of our university and our team, because the Boilermakers have to earn everything they get. Players are less likely to get exposed at the next level, because they got there on talent, not hype.
By the way, 3 Purdue QBs are starting in the NFL this weekend, Drew Brees with the Saints, Kyle Orton with the Broncos and Curtis Painter with the Colts. What about you Notre Dame? What, no one? Not even the highly touted Jimmy Clausen?
Nope! Ridin' pine. Say, weren't you the oldest kid on Home Improvement?
How about first round draft pick Brady Quinn?
No?! And you are behind your foil while you were at Notre Dame, none other than Kyle Orton! And everybody HATES Kyle Orton! You are battling for depth chart positioning with awide receiver, man!

In conclusion, Notre Dame can kiss my black and gold ass, regardless of what happens today.

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