Thursday, October 27, 2011

Breakneck soccer action

In English soccer, they have several competitions, the primary one is the league, which has the full season and everything. There are also European competitions for only select teams, but there are also a couple of national tournaments. There is the League Cup (also called the Carling Cup because of sponsorship) and the FA Cup. The League Cup is a tournament among League teams. The League consists of the top 5 or so levels of English soccer, The FA is the football association, which is ALL soccer in England, including the League and divisions lower than that. The FA Cup is a 700 some team tournament consisting of the top 11 levels. hey are still in the prelims of that tournament, but the Carling Cup is down to 16, 8 after today's matches.
The best involved my team, the Blackburn Rovers and their fixture with Newcastle. Look at the scores. Or rather, the times they were scored. The Rovers had to have been comfortable with a 2-0 score at home going into the final seconds of the match. But then, in the final minute, and once in the added time, the Magpies drew level, seizing momentum and sending this match to extra time.
In extra time, the Rovers struck, 9 minutes in. Morten Garnst Pedersen's goal put Blackburn in front all the way to the end of the first half of extra time. Of course, just before the break, Newcastle scored again, on a penalty kick. Excruciating! Then, 2 minutes before the close of extra time, before this game went to penalty kicks, Frenchman Gael Givet struck to seal the win for Blackburn. Despite their terrible year, they are in the quarter finals of the Cup after a thriller.



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