Monday, September 12, 2011

Links of the Day 9/12/11

And it is the beginning of another week, another football season.

In an ever expanding effort to find something to be positive about in Minnesota, I give you... the St. Paul Saints!

Gordon Hayward of the Utah Jazz is a fantastic dork. 

Here is a new Anaheim goalie mask. Donald Duck meets Rambo, comes to mind.

Houston 34, Indianapolis 7 - Despite the thrashings Indy has given Houston over the years, the Texans took their foot off the gas in the end. How good of them.
Arizona 28, Carolina 21 - The Panthers lost, but Cam Newton had a monster debut.
San Diego 24, Minnesota 17 - The Chargers played very conservatively early, but then in the second half said "wait a minute, we're a lot better than these guys".
San Francisco 33, Seattle 17 - The real surprise is how many more yards Tavaris Jackson threw for as compared to Donovan McNabb,
Detroit 2, Minnesota 1 - The Twins (or Red Wings, I guess) get swept.
Cleveland 7, Chicago 3 - And the Indians, with Jim Thome, get the win.



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