Saturday, August 06, 2011

Let's get excited for Purdue football!

The problem with last season's football team was injuries, no doubt about it. There were a lot of guys that got banged up or had devastating injuries that came from key spots on the roster, most notably the QB position. That said, there really wasn't anything about last year that made me excited for 2011. Sure, some guys that wouldn't have otherwise had experience that now do, but I can't really think of one player that is coming back that I am really excited to watch. This might have something to do with the face that I usually have to work during the game, so if this seems overly pessimistic, please keep that in mind
Still, it's college football This will be a simple outlook, just a game by game who I think will
Week 1: vs Middle Tennessee State: The Blue Raiders are likely not as good as the iteration I saw two years ago. WIN
Week 2 at Rice: Rice is a very bad football team: WIN
Week 3: Southeast Missouri State. Really? WIN
Week 4 vs Notre Dame: I really hope that we can win this one, but it's the first game against a quality opponent... yipe: LOSS
Week 5 vs Minnesota: Jerry Kill's first foray into the Big Ten? I bet he has the Gophers focused and fired up. LOSS
Week 6 at Penn State: Haha... Joe Paterno is oldL LOSS
Week 7 vs Illinois: I actually, truly believe Purdue will win this game. WIN
Week 8 at Michigan: Denarded: LOSS
Week 9 at Wisconsin: Wisconsin might be the best team in the Big Ten. LOSS
Week 10 vs Ohio State: Ugh LOSS
Week 11 vs Iowa: I bet the team who features black and gold and is from a state that begins with I will win this one: LOSS
Week 12 at Indiana: What the hell WIN

5-7! Enough to provide stupid, stupid hope for next year!



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