Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Hey, look at what the Reds did.

The Cincinnati Reds played the Houston Astros today. Not all that noteworthy to anyone, outside of maybe the Reds and Astros. The Reds, however, wanted to do some interesting stuff. Take a look at the play log from their game. I have highlighted a couple of the plats below.
D Willis homered to right.
(Dontrelle Willis? He's alive? And hitting homeruns? For the Reds?)
B Arroyo ran for Y Alonso.
(Not to be outdone, Bronson Arroyom another pitcher, is introduced to the basepaths. How do you think Yonder Alonso feels about this turn of events?)

The Reds may not be playing very well this year, but at least the team is sort of interesting. Dusty Baker, man.



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