Saturday, July 30, 2011

I follow the most boring teams....

How did I happen to follow teams with inactive front offices in all sports? To wit:
- In the NHL, I made jokes, several jokes, about how the Wild decided against signing a free agent. Any free agents. They made a couple trades, but they didn't make any signings.
- In baseball, The Twins are notorious for their inactivity at the deadline. Lately, they have made a point to dramatically overpay for relievers while not actually adding players to help the team win World Series. This current Twins team needs to revamp, but they are pretending they are in contention. They aren't even playing .500. Even if they DO make it to the postseason, they need a lot of help.
- Blackburn Rovers? They have added one player in the entire transfer window, a rather lackluster striker from a rather lackluster team (Aberdeen) in what has become a rather lackluster association (the Scottish Premiership)
- Now, it's the NFL rapid fire off-season. The Colts have signed two contracts: Adam Vinatieri and Melvin Bullitt, both players that have been playing for the team and are decidedly bland. The only good thing about the Colts' offseason is that Clint Session didn't re-sign with the team.
Other than the games, my teams are fantastically dull.



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