Monday, July 11, 2011

Delmon Young isn't getting traded

This is a bit of a change of pace for me, I'm not going to break out a bunch of stats to show you why everyone is wrong about Young (Only 4 errors this season and a better zone rating than league average, his batting average is climbing after a .321 June, warming up in summer, just like always). No, I am here to explain why those calls to trade Delmon just won't go unanswered.
There are two reasons why someone would be traded off a major league roster: 1) as part of a prospect package for a big time player or 2) as the big time player in exchange for prospects.
He won't be exchanged as a prospect, because he makes too much money. That and he is arbitration eligible and will be gone after next year if traded to a crummy team, like, say, the Padres. Simply not a good investment. I like the guy, but he won't turn around a team in one year. Simple as that.
He won't be exchanged for prospects himself because of the way he has been dumped upon by his own fans. The perception is that he isn't very good, and for the first two months of the year, he hasn't been up to snuff. He will come around at the end of the season, of course, but if you are trading for what he has been this year, trading prospects isn't a good investment either.
Sorry, impatient, ignorant baseball fans (and writers... Souhan, et al) Delmon is a Twin at the end of the year.



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