Thursday, June 23, 2011

What happened to the Left on Base stat?

I remember old box scores in the info section, in the midst of the 2bs and HRs and SBs and what have you would also list LOB, or rather, how many men a batter left on base with two outs. It was a simple, easily countable statistic, though flawed like many others. High Heat Baseball 2003 used it, I remember. A mediocre online scorebook I use from time to time uses it. I was curious about it and was going to incorporate it into a made up statistic I was going to use here, and I didn't think digging up those numbers would be an issue.
I looked first at baseball reference. No luck. I looked at Fangraphs. Still no luck. It's one of those stats that isn't really all that instructional for telling you about a player's worth, so I thought those two stat driven sites may have eschewed it. Certainly MLB, ESPN or CBS would carry it. Nope, nope, nope. One site, Team Rankings only had the top 100 by LOB/Game, which is just strange.
I thought I would re-explore the online box scores. Again, nothing. The player LOB stats no longer appear in box scores. What happened? How long has this been going on? Am I going insane?
Obviously, as I said, LOB isn't REALLY a good estimate of any value for a player, but I do think it is unusual that what was once a statistic is no longer tracked by anyone.

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