Sunday, June 26, 2011

Links of the Day 6/26/11

Ah the weekend. It never lasts long enough, does it?

All that realignment talk makes it seem as though we are going back to the old days. (In the NHL, I mean)

Delmon Young's leg exploded yesterday. More on this later.

Joe Mauer loves his milk. I disagree with his rankings though. Skim is thin enough to be refreshing.

Chicago 3, Washington 0 and Washington 2, Chicago 1 - What is this, the Twins in April?
Milwaukee 11, Minnesota 1 and Milwaukee 6, Minnesota 2 - Well, the Twins outscored the Nationals this weekend
Rosenborg 0, Viking 0 - Wow, Viking 0. Used to that, Tarvaris Jackson fans?



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