Friday, June 24, 2011

The NBA draft, and what I know of it

- The Timberwolves draft was hilarious, in that, for a two round draft, they made 5 trades. They also walked away with Derrick Williams, an exciting player who is the best fit for the position that Kevin Love plays. Then they traded their 20th pick and Jonny Flynn for the 23rd pick and Brad Miller. Then they traded the 23rd pick for the 28th pick. Then they traded the 28th pick for the 31st pick. Then they sold the 31st pick. Then they sold the 38th pick (to Houston, whom they had acquired it from previously). They DID eventually make a couple picks, Malcolm Lee from UCLA and some guy from Qatar who may not have been eligible to be drafted.
- The cash they got was to buy out coach Kurt Rambis, who is getting canned next week.
- Brad Miller, acquired in the first trade, is hurt... he is not going to play probably at all.
- Oh wait, going back to all those trades... there is this from SB Nation Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle has an update on the Flynn trade, saying the Wolves actually sent a future second round pick to the Rockets rather than receiving one. The Rockets also didn't include the No. 38 pick, as had been previously reported, meaning Houston never had to buy that pick back which results in less cash in the pockets of Glen Taylor.

- Oh, on another, more positive note, JaJuan Johnson and E'Twaun Moore were both drafted, and they both ended up with the Celtics. I would cheer for the Celts, but I don't think I could ever see myself wearing a Celts jersey. I mean, who am I, Michael Rapaport? (aaaaand that is the reason for the picture on top)



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