Saturday, June 25, 2011

Links of the Day 6/25/11

I believe that the sun will make an appearance today. I have to, otherwise insanity might set in.

I had always hoped that at some point someone might say "hey, you're 6'2! Come play for our baseball team! Alas...

My parents were also going to name me Diesel. They had to be talked out of Ethanol at the last minute.

I have never been so proud to be a scientist

Washington 9, Chicago 5 - The White Sox came back in the bottom of the 9th with three, but the Nats scored four in the top of the 14th. Whose bullpen sucks now?!
Milwaukee 4, Minnesota 3 - Oh right, the Twins. Jose Mijares lets Prince Fielder get the go ahead double. That is a combined weight of 946lbs between the two, by the way.



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