Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jon Gruden's QB camp is delightful

Last year, ESPN analyst Jon Gruden sat down with and grilled a quartet of quarterback prospects entering the draft last year. It was an interesting insight into some of the biggest names in the draft last year. Jon Gruden is very good at this and rather entertaining, and some of the guys came across very well. I found Colt McCoy and to a lesser extent Tim Tebow to be extraordinarily likable (while Sam Bradford and Jimmy Clausen..... not so much) and will always sort of root for them for their careers.
The good news is, Gruden is back this year, this time with a quintet: Cam Newton, Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker, Andy Dalton and Ryan Mallett. Unfortunately, the QBs in this draft are decidedly less interesting, but that doesn't mean I can't make a brief comment on each of their videos

Classic "trying to be smart" guy, using big words. But he's quick with his answers, which is a good sign. I have a tough time believing that he thinks Josh Freeman is the third best QB in the league.


Blaine Gabbert looks like Chris Klein. I also like that he spent so much time analyzing the high five skill from Missouri co-eds. Gabbert seems a little airheaded. Not seen in the video was all the time Gruden spent on Klein... I mean Gabbert's... haircut.


Locker is probably the one that comes out of this best in terms of personality. I had two favorite parts of the video. First, Locker get's compared to Peyton Hillis because white players are ALWAYS compared to other white players. The other was when Gruden says that Jake Locker's running ability is a weapon, and Locker WRITES IT DOWN IN HIS NOTEBOOK. Thanks for the tip, coach! Although to be fair, dude's probably killed some brain cells running like Hilllis.


"I'm smart and redheaded and probably won't be a great NFL player, but Christian Ponder was busy"



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