Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Twins refuse to get fired up

Whether you think Ron Gardenhire is a good manager or not, there is one thing that seems to frustrate everyone. The team never seems to show much fire when out on the field. Sure, there is the hustle and the manager likes to come out and argue every once in a while, but they never come out and seem to play with any emotion. This is something that stat heads and non-stat heads tend to agree on. (Also, and not really related to the point, I saw that while Joe Mauer was slumping early, Gardenhire wanted him to bunt more. It happened so long ago that I don't want to waste a post on it, but ugh.)
I mentioned this earlier, but I had a conversation on the topic with a friend yesterday. After Tsuyoshi Nishioka got his leg blown up by Nick Swisher, Gardenhire insisted that it was a clean play and he had no problem with it. Even if this was the case (and not everyone agrees with whether or not it was a clean slide) how can you not try to draw some inspiration, put some fire in the belly of the team that always seems lackluster, particularly versus this particular opponent. Why not try to at least suggest that the team should stand up for the new guy who is having a tough time fitting in with the new team in a new country?
My friend suggested that they would, and to expect a fastball in the ribs of an unfortunate Yankee the next time we play them. We are actually making a wager on the topic, because I am in full disagreement. When have the Twins EVER stood up for a player? When was the last time a pitcher threw at an opponent to send a message? I mean, there was Mijares last year, but then Delmon Young flipped out at MIJARES and Gardenhire took Young's side. This isn't a team that mixes is up anywhere but on the field.
Just expect the Twins to get pushed around again.

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