Saturday, April 09, 2011

Cooking with Ryan: Crispy fish salad with soy lime vinaigrette

That's a mouthful, isn't it? Ha! Joke!
Anyways, my birthday was last week, and my brother bought me a cookbook, the first I've ever had, and when I got back from my trip (which I may finally chat about tonight... I'm still a bit behind) I decided to cook something out of the book, "Michael's Genuine Food" by Michael Schwartz. As you can tell, the recipe I chose was the crispy fish salad.
The cook book, I have found, doesn't really require much skill, just some ingredients that I wouldn't have ever thought to pair. In this case, the salad consisted of mango, cilantro leaves, radishes and red onions, perhaps the first time I have ever made a sald without actual lettuce, so that made me feel pretty fancy. Schwartz suggested that the fist I had with it be a white fish, like striped bass or tile, but they had no such fish, and I instead went with sole, put a lightly seasoned coat on it and tossed it in the frier.
The vinaigrette was the most complicated of any of the components for this salad because of all the ingredients. Limes, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, shallots, olive oil, sriracha, honey.... there was a lot going on. Still, it came together nicely, and it almost seemed as there was a different flavor every bite, which made it interesting. It paired best with the mango, and the sriracha and red onion made for a very tangy combination.
When I was done with the the salad, there was more fish and sauce left, so yesterday for lunch, as Schwartz suggested, I used the vinaigrette as a dip for the fried fish. IT was the strangest use of leftovers I have ever had, but after going through with the one recipe, I am very satisfied with my cookbook using abilities. And it looked a bit better than most of my creations when photographed:



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