Sunday, April 10, 2011

Finally, a story from New York

This was a picture of Yankee Stadium that was taken not long before the game started. Oh yes, it was truly that empty in the Bronx. The weather was brutal in New York at game time. Game time temperatures were in the low 40s with wind howling at about 30mph. I have never been to a baseball game that miserable. It didn't help that me and my friend were totally unprepared for the conditions, and only had a thin jacket on.
But still, we were there, and we sat through the game. We expected to have to contend with some obnoxious fans, to the point that we were nervous. There simply weren't enough people at the game to give us any problems. There were two brothers that drove up Virginia sitting next to us, but they were too cold to care (they were actually wearing shorts). We only had hot chocolate to drink. What I'm trying to say is that it was really cold and miserable at Yankee Stadium.
So, the Yankees took their 4 nothing lead early, and the game was moving along at a pretty steady pace, and we were OK with that. Then, late in the game, the Twins loaded the bases, and Delmon Young popped one up down the right field line. The way it hung in the air and corkscrewed back to earth, you knew it was going to drop. I have never been so devastated to see the Twins come back and tie a close game. If there was a game we didn't want in extra innings, it was definitely this one.
Naturally, this was the game that DID go extra frames. Fortunately, the pitching changes stopped, and the Twins scored quickly in the top of the 10th, then had Joe Nathan mow through the Yankees lineup. When we got up to leave, we were still wary of belligerent Yankees fans (especially after complaints about umpiring from those around us... again, those were our seats, and that was our angle) but most everyone wanted to go inside and get warm. It literally hurt to go down the stairs, because the fluid in my knees was freezing up. I'm lucky I didn't get hypothermia.
But we made it. We ended up on a train surrounded by other Twins fans who mostly kept to themselves and were just happy to be out of the wind. Also, there was a random, non baseball fan that I think tried to dance with me on the subway. She was sort of cute.

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