Saturday, April 09, 2011

Links of the Day 4/9/11

Almost back to normal.....

In incredibly surprising news, Kevin Slowey was placed on the DL.

Moving day at the Masters

Former Purdue assistant and current St. John's coach Steve Lavin has prostate cancer. I've grown to like the guy. Good luck.

Minnesota 2, Oakland 1 - The Twins came storming back in this one. The team is going to have to start hitting soon though
Tampa Bay 9, White Sox 7 - Exactly the opposite problem in Chicago. The Sox need to start pitching. They are scoring plenty of runs though.
Minnesota 3, Edmonton 1 - The Wild just need to keep playing Edmonton, then everything will be fine
Blackburn 1, Birmingham 1 - This was a game Blackburn really, really, really needed 2 points from.



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