Thursday, March 31, 2011

New York on my mind

In case you couldn't tell by the first two links earlier, I have New York on the brain. I am leaving bright and early Saturday morning. I will post some links tomorrow morning, probably, but may not have time to post much later in the day, so I wanted to tell you what's up. I haven't sought out guest writers for the trip, so instead, you can take a break from your Victoria Times reading for a few days, unless Steve checks in with a post, in which case you should definitely read something and pay very close attention to.
So here's the deal. I leave Saturday and will be in the Big Apple through Wednesday. I am going to the Twins-Yankees tilt on Tuesday, pending the weather. If you want to look for me, I will be in the third level on the first base side. I will be the one not wearing Yankees gear. If you want any pithy updates from me, than follow The Victoria Times on Twitter (you will also get a healthy dose of weather info as well... fair warning), as my chubby little thumbs will be tweeting a couple of times during the day.
OK, that's it. I may check in tomorrow with something, otherwise, I will see you next week!



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