Sunday, March 15, 2009

Victoria Times all math projected bracket

I forgot to put in seeds on there before I transferred it, but this is my projected bracket. I wanted to get it out there at least before the NCAA put theres out there. Notes: Pittsburgh, North Carolina, Louisville and surprisingly Duke are my number 1 seeds (note... I don't know anything). I relied heavily on RPI and strength of schedule, which is why Georgetown and UAB got in and St. Mary's did not. I would expect one of those two teams to be swapped at the time the brackets come out. Minnesota is in as an 11 against Arizona State, and Big Ten champ Purdue is a 5 against 12 Georgetown. If I have time before CBS airs the brackets, I will be sure to tweak this a little bit.

UPDATE Seeds and locations added

UPDATE 2: After reviewing the tournament field, it appears that I forgot to include 3 automoatic bids, VCU, Binghamton and ETSU. If you include them and drop the last three I had getting in there (Arizona, Auburn and Maryland), that means I got 62/65 teams right. Not bad, I guess.

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