Wednesday, March 11, 2009

NDSU is Minnesota's small school

Did you know that across the country, there are only 6 states with one or fewer Division 1 schools? Alaska and Hawaii, obviously, Wyoming with it's small population, as well as Maine and Vermont, which are small states in general. The sixth state, nonsensically, is Minnesota.
I've been over this a couple of times I think so I won't get into it again, but I think it's about time some school in the state stepped up (St Cloud, Winona, Duluth, SOMEONE) and became the state's second D-1 school. It would keep Minnesota athletes in state at a better rate, and would likely mean more money for those schools.
More importantly for fans, it would give everyone a feel good story whenever the smaller schools earn some sort success. Minnesotans would never cheer for a team from Wisconsin or Iowa, so we needed that school. Since we were incapable of getting that second school to root for, the Dakotas have picked up the slack for us. Now, I urge you all in Minnesota to repay them the favor and cheer for the North Dakota State Bison in the NCAA Tournament. Go NDSU!

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