Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Managing the Great American Football Hangover

I'm a hockey fan first and foremost. But that doesn't mean that I don't pay attention to other sports. In fact, I pay a lot of attention to football during the fall and winter. I might even pay too much attention. With the Super Bowl now just a memory, it's clear that Sundays aren't going to be the same for a while. And by that I mean I'm going to have a lot of free time. Try six hours worth every Sunday afternoon -- and that's if we're not including time spent watching the Sunday and Monday night games. Somehow, I imagine that I'm not alone in this mess. So to help you deal with the loss of the sports world's relevance on Sundays, here's a list of things that will help you fill the considerable void in your Sundays for the foreseeable future.

Hockey! (But you already knew that) -- You're from Minnesota, so chances are that I don't really need to tell you about hockey. You already know how awesome it is. But in case you don't, you really should check it out. Lots of physical play, fights are almost encouraged, and they play on Sundays. This time of year NBC has a game of the week on Sundays, so there's no reason to whine about not being able to figure out what channel it's on.

Basketba--Wait. Yeah, you probably don't want to even think about the T-Wolves right now. Never mind.

Gardening -- I don't know. A lot of people do it when they have nothing else to do. Maybe it's not as bad as it sounds?

Remember you have friends and family -- You've probably spent way too much time with your football loving friends, so now it's time to remember that there are, in fact, other people in your life. Hopefully for you they're at least half as cool as your football-loving friends.

This didn't go as well as I had hoped -- As it turns out, there's really not a lot to do on Sundays without football. Maybe you could start a blog or, I' m just winging it here, go to church. I really have no idea what to do with myself now that there's no football. I mean, sure there's hockey, but I can't waste nearly as many hours watching it as I did with football. I should probably find out if there's a football watching rehab center of some kind. That would be pretty helpful right about now.



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