Thursday, February 23, 2012

Color me surprised

Just like, right now, Ryan Braun was exonerated of his doping allegations. Part of me never imagined he would be suspended, but then another part of me never imagined a way for anyone to prove that they weren't actually on steroids. 
Braun apparently found a glitch in the testing system was able to convince arbiter Shyam Das of his innocence. Rather than take the high road, MLB has stated that they are quite upset with the way things worked out, and that they essentially feel very strongly about their case. 
Of course, the problem for baseball is that the test results got out before the appeal was complete, which is the only way that this turned into an embarrassment. If you hadn't known that Braun had tested positive initially, you wouldn't have known that MLB lost their appeal. Rather than ensuring that the test is foolproof, I suspect that MLB will instead seek to shore up their front office to make sure leaks don't happen again.

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