Sunday, February 19, 2012

Links of the Day 2/19/12

I have had very little time at home this weekend. Many apologies.

Oh good, Terry Ryan is back. Also, this means that Ron Gardenhire is manager for life!

Oh, English soccer players. You so crazy!

Who are the worst teams in baseball at building through the draft?

Saint Louis 4, Minnesota 0 - The time honored tradition of Minnesota teams completely collapsing continues.
Jacksonville 81, Mercer 75 - The Dolphins upend the Bears, sending the Atlantic Sun to disarray.
Northwestern 64, Minnesota 53 - Things are not going well for the state right now.
Kansas 83, Texas Tech 50 - Looking a little better in Kansas, at least.
North Dakota State 86, Western Michigan 73 - The teams played in Bracketbusters. Are your brackets busted?



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