Thursday, January 12, 2012

OH, good, people ARE calling for Tubby Smith's head

People are, in fact, clamoring for a change in Minnesota. The local papers and some pundits are talking about Tubby Smith being on the hot seat. For his part, Tubby seems to think he will be getting an extension, which makes sense, given that this team, a disappointment for many, would have been vastly better than most of the teams Dan Monson put together. Still, there are calls for his head.
I continue to assert that Minnesota is not a big enough program that they can do much better than Tubby Smith. I decided to get someone else's opinion on the matter.

There you go. The Star Tribune's Michael Rand recognizes that the calls for Tubby Smith's axing are fairly aimless. I gladly call for a coach's head when he deserves it (Ron Gardenhire, Danny Hope), but Tubby Smith doesn't deserve to lose his job.

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