Saturday, January 14, 2012

NFL Computerized Power Ranks: Wild Card

In the Wild Card round, all of the home teams won, and the power ranks only got 2 games correct. Meanwhile, my 3 month old son and dog each got 3 games correct.

This week, there was no movement in the top 5, mostly because 4 of them had byes. The Giants win over Atlanta moved them up to 6th.

So with that said, let's get on to the predictions:
#3 49ers over #4 Saints - The Niners have a slight edge thanks to their stingy defense and great turnover ratio (compared to the sub-par Saints)

#1 Patriots over #26 Broncos - Yep, the Broncos are still #26 even after winning last week. On paper, this should be no contest, but last week's game shouldn't have been either

#2 Packers over #6 Giants - The Giants are closing the gap a little, but the Packers are just too much for them

#5 Ravens over #10 Texans - Bad matchup for the Texans here

Since my son picked the Lions last week, he had to repick the NFC. Here are his picks for this week:
Ravens over Texans
Broncos over Patriots
Giants over Packers
Saints over 49ers

My dog had the Steelers winning, so he had to repick one game. Here are his picks:
Ravens over Texans
Patriots over Broncos
Packers over Giants
49ers over Saints

Full Ranks:

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